Passenger Elevator


Passenger Elevator

coral 700


Passenger Elevator

Coral700 is a top notch in its category. Just as the name suggests, this belt driven passenger elevator model slithers along, making the transit smoother, faster and without any obstructions. The flat, steel-coated belt eliminates the metal to metal effect of conventional systems.

Compared to rope elevators, belt requires a small radius for bending and is compatible with small gearless machines that fit in hoist ways with minimum overhead. This reduces building and system operation costs.

Long-lasting flat belts, smooth crowned sheaves and minimum moving parts reduce wear and increase durability and efficiency. ORBIS has also designed a safety belt check device that is fixed on the belt and directly connects to the controller – it gives feedback to the logic board to prevent damage.


Speed: 1.0 to 2.5 mps
Duty: Up to 1768kg
Stops : Up to 30 Stops

Belt Driven Gearless Machine

  • 70 % Smaller then conventional ones.
  • Very compact & efficient.
  • Up to 40 % Energy Saving.

Flexible Polyurethane Steel Coated Belt

  • Increase design flexibility.
  • 20 % Lighter with smaller bending radius.
  • Durability 10 millions times in 15 years.

Oil Free Roller Guide Shoe

  • Spring-loaded ensuring superior ride comfort.
  • Uniform design concept.

Lubrication Free

  • No oil used in entire equipement
  • Dirt Free Area

Energy Regenerative Drive

  • Regenerating electricity back to power grids
  • Reducing energy consumption

Belt Moniter

  • Real time checking the safety of the belt
  • connected to safetty circuit
  • make maintanance more efficiant & easier
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