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Commitment & Responsibility

Environment Responsibility

In today's world we are all concerned about the environment and at ORBIS, we think it's very important to look at how we can reduce our impact on our planet

We are keen to play our part in society, minimizing any negative impact of our activities on the environment and on the communities in which our facilities are based. We also strive to help artists reduce their impact by providing advice on the use of our products and services. Our advanced technology affects less in environment and support to build green tomorrow.

We are constantly investing in initiatives to improve water pollution, waste management, emissions and energy use as well as being committed to protecting natural resources. Over the years we have achieved this in a number of ways, though we are always looking to improve and our policy will always be a work in progress.

We care for better tomorrow and you!!!!

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Orbis, we believe in to giving back to the communities which support our organization.

We take our social responsibility seriously and encourage our whole orbis team to value and act for people to whom social support matters for their lives. Many of organizations have created their reputation and brand in international market through providing good products and services. For our Organization, It is equal value to act on our social responsibility for communities.

Orbis associates with many charitable trusts to support in raising national awareness and support on their journey to drive change and create real choice for young, aged and disable persons whom all ours support matter for their lives.

Quality Assurance

ORBIS Elevator Co. Ltd. is committed to developing and expanding the business in existing markets and new ventures. The key to this is not only in maintaining but enhancing our reputation within the industry and providing customers with the product and uninterrupted maintenance services that they pay for, within time and budget. Orbis Elevator is committed to complying with the requirements of the quality system; including to continually improve its effectiveness through the setting of objectives and targets.

We at ORBIS, all staff will Comply with relevant legislation, regulation and government guidance and where possible, follow relevant industry codes of practice.

  • Operate to ISO 9001 and IS and safety standards.
  • Document and record our key business processes.
  • Invent green products and its resources to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environment effects on planet
  • Monitor and regularly review the system to ensure its adequacy and relevance.
  • Require suppliers and sub-contractors to perform to the requirements of the QMS.
  • Strive to continually improve our formal quality system by the setting of objectives and targets.
  • Provide sufficient human and technical resources for auditing and to permit the system to develop

Orbis Elevator is accountable for quality matters and requires its operational board and their managers to be responsible for quality policy performance within their areas. All employees and contractors have a duty to comply with the requirements of the quality policy.